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Buy a gift card to memorable adventures!

What do you give to a person who already has everything? The perfect gift is a gift card to adventures they will treasure forever!

You can buy a gift card to any excursion we offer, or choose an amount the recipient can use towards payment of the adventure of their choice. We’ll send you the gift card by email, or you may purchase it in our shop on Sjøgata street.


A gift card to Helgeland adventures is the perfect gift for friends or your partner. They’ll treasure these adventures forever!

We recommend combining Møsjøen’s via ferrata with the zip-line. We offer a combined price of nok 1190.

This is an exciting all-day adventure on Øyfjellet, concluding with an adrenaline-rushing ride down the zip-line!

Via Ferrata – nok 850

(Minimum 12 years. Weight: min. 40 kg, max 120 kg.)

Duration: 5 hours

Zip-Line – nok 790

(Minimum 10 years. Max weight 110 kg.)

We have gift cards available, which are sent by an email that you compose, or you may purchase gift cards in our store on Sjøgata street.


Let us help you put together gift packages of artisanal local foods and other items – these are the perfect gift for friends, family, customers or business partners. Our company, Naturlige Helgeland, has a close partnership with Sæterstad Farm and Strandli Farm, both of which are renowned for their quality products. You decide the content and price, and we will arrange delivery or pick-up whenever you prefer.

Sæterstad Farm: smoked char, fermented char, brown goat cheese, Bukkeblå blue cheese, “coffee cheese”, and sausage of young goat.

Campfire coffee: our own special brand, roasted by Kaffebrenneriet at Forvik, makes the perfect coffee on your campfire.

Strandli Farm: Golvertind blue cheese, and Bæråscammen camembert.

Gift items: Thermo-cup with carabiner hook, folding “pocket cup”, T-shirts, hats and headbands.

NB! This spring, we will be expanding our selection of artisanal local foods and locally-produced gift items. Stay tuned!

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