Group adventures in Helgeland

The magnificent region of Helgeland is the perfect setting for many memorable adventures with a group of good friends. This is where Norway is at its narrowest; the distances are short between Helgeland’s beautiful coast and the stunning wilderness of Børgefjell National Park near the Swedish border. Nowhere else in Norway will you find such varied pristine scenery as you do in Helgeland. Whether you and your friends rent a fisherman’s cabin (rorbu) on one of the islands, or pitch tents deep in inland wilderness, your holiday is sure to provide wonderful memories.

If you prefer more urban comforts, you will find top-notch hotels in our towns. Here you can dine and drink, and head out for the day trips of your choice. For instance, staying at Fru Haugans Hotel at the foot of Øyfjellet in Mosjøen, the via ferrata and the zipline are right nearby, as well as the Sherpa Path and rock staircase, and the limestone cave in Øyfjellet. Or if you prefer, stroll through the hotel gardens down to the river and go kayaking past the beautifully-preserved wooden buildings of Sjøgata street, Mosjøen’s historic town centre.

Naturlige Helgeland’s experienced team can offer you intense adventures during the day and great group relaxation in the evening. And if your arrival coincides with one of our many festivals, we can spice your stay with cultural events and musical delights.

We’ll gladly tailor the perfect itinerary or event for your group. Tell us your wishes, and leave the detailed planning of your adventures and activities, including food and accommodation, transport services and entertainment, to us.

Activities for groups

A good holiday with friends means turning your back on the everyday hustle and bustle. It means sharing challenges and, at day’s end, relaxing over a good meal, sharing stories and laughing together. We can help you plan the perfect itinerary for your group holiday. We offer a wide range of amazing activities, some of which are designed for healthy competition and to enhance teamwork. Some of these activities can be engaged in anywhere you choose. Ask us, and we’ll tell you more.

Let us know your wishes!

Please contact us for more information about what we can do for your group. We’ll be happy to make you a detailed offer. Send us an email at:

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For en fantastisk opplevelse å prøve Mosjøen via ferrata i dag. Anbefaler alle å ta seg en tur! Flott natur, flinke guider og ikke minst flott turfølge. For en lykkerus 😀

Gjest juli 2018

Vi hadde en fantastisk opplevelse sammen, og fikk testet både kunnskap og samarbeidet! Det var også en fornøyelse å kunne overlate planleggingen til Naturlige Helgeland, både før og under arrangementet. Vi kommer tilbake 🙂