Do you have friends or colleagues who yearn for a group adventure? We offer a wide range of exciting activities, and will gladly tailor the event to your wishes. We have the experience and in-depth local knowledge that will guarantee you satisfying adventures!

Take the challenge! Join us for mountain-climbing adventure that requires no prior experience. Clip your harness onto the iron cable that is securely attached to the mountainside, and ascend safely using natural holds and steps in the mountain. A great view and a wonderful sense of accomplishment awaits when you reach the top!

A gift card for Helgeland adventures is the perfect gift for friends, family or your partner. They’ll treasure these adventures forever!

For an incredible adrenalin rush, soar like a bird down Mosjøen’s zip-line, the longest and most spectacular in Northern Norway. The 700-metre zip-line speeds you from the mountain and across the Vefsna river, right into the beautiful gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel in the town centre. You’ll land with a satisfied grin!

Join us on a journey into the dark unknown! This limestone cave was carved by water and ice over the eons. Since time immemorial it has been used by people seeking shelter or just eager to explore. The formations inside are impressive!

For a relaxing adventure, we invite you to go kayaking on the Vefsna river, with Øyfjellet towering on one side and the historic wooden buildings of Sjøgata street on the other. Maybe you will see salmon jumping clear of the water; Vefsna is one of Norway’s most renowned salmon rivers.

Through our partner RiverNorth, we offer exciting rafting trips on the eastern branch of the Vefsna river. Alternating between tranquil stretches and exhilarating rapids through gorges, this river is perfect for rafting. Join us for a journey through a pristine wilderness seen only by adventurous rafters!

With a base in Mosjøen, you can ski down coastal mountains or head for virgin powder in the inland mountains. For long tranquil treks in majestic surroundings, head for the Børgefjell or the Okstindbreen glacier. Winter lasts a long time this far north – even in May you can enjoy amazing skiing very nearby, whatever your preference and level of experience.

We invite you on a dog-sled adventure with Alaskan Huskies. Lean back as the enthusiastic dogs race along with our sled. Sledding gives you a deep connection with your dog team and the beautiful landscape that surrounds you

Snowshoeing is a fine way to savour the tranquillity of the mountains and forests. It’s a great experience to share with friends, whether you go snowshoeing during the day, in the twilight, or under a moonlit starry sky.

Helgeland’s beautiful lakes offer excellent ice fishing. Bring warm clothing and patience – we’ll bring the gear and  guarantee a good catch! Nothing tastes better than fresh fried trout at the end of a memorable day.

Who are we?

The Helgeland region has three national parks – Børgefjell, Lomsdal-Visten, and Svartisen. In addition you will also find the Okstindan range and glacier, and the most beautiful stretch of coastline in all of Norway. We have lush valleys, glaciers, and mountains that have inspired legends.

Norway is a long, varied and magnificent country, but perhaps nowhere else can you experience such a spectacular range of scenic beauty as in Helgeland. Ours is truly an enchanted land – and the perfect place for a magical holiday.

Our speciality is to give you thrilling adventures. Be tempted by our menu of regular excursions, or feel free to contact us for tailor-made adventures.

Adventures you will treasure forever!

Today we had an incredible climb up Mosjøen’s via ferrata, which I warmly recommend to everyone. The scenery was breathtaking, and the terrific guides were great company on this hike. We had a wonderful day!

– Guest, July 2018

We shared an incredible adventure, testing our knowledge, skills and teamwork! It was great to leave all the planning to the crew of Natural Helgeland. Everything was perfect both before and during our event. We’ll definitely be back!

– Business customer

      Virkelig en opplevelse for alle mellom 30 og 110 kg. Enten du liker fart,spenning og høyder eller ikke, så er dette noe å prøve. Dagen jeg kjørte bød på sol og varme, og opplevelsen av å «surfe» over Vefsna i zipline og kunne ha utsikt...Mer

    thumb AnneLenaMjo

      Jeg kjørte ens ærend inn til Mosjøen for å prøve den nye attraksjonen Zip-line. Møtte opp på Hotell Haugan i Sjøgata , og ble kjørt til Helgelandstrappa hvor vi gikk ca 70 m rett opp. Litt smånerver da jeg kom på platået hvor jeg skulle...Mer

    thumb Anita K

      Var på toppturkurs i vår og prøvde via ferrataen og zipline'n i høst, kjempeartig! Trivelige og trygge guider som vet hva de holder på med under utøvelse av adrenalin-aktiviteter ?

    thumb britagnesb