Ice fishing

Fish while the snowy landscape  glows in the setting sun!

Are you an avid fisherman? We can almost guarantee magical winter weather and the catch of your dreams.

Thanks to its many nearby lakes teeming with fish, the town of Mosjøen is ideally situated for a fishing holiday. We can offer you short or long fishing trips. In winter, the ice-covered lakes are easily reached by skis, snowshoes or snowmobile. Equipped with good fishing gear, the required fishing license and a bit of patience, the odds are you will be well rewarded. As an angler, you know that the joy of hooking eager trout is indescribable, and that few dinners beat fried trout caught only a couple of hours ago. The winter sun may have deepened your tan or even given you a slight sunburn – but satisfaction is relaxing in front of the fire at day’s end.

For the adventurous, we’ll gladly arrange overnight trips, either to a cabin or with tents that we bring. Børgefjell National Park offers the tranquillity of pristine wilderness near the Arctic Circle, where you can hike undisturbed for days or even weeks. The climate is invigorating. Great trout lakes are strewn like jewels in the harsh yet magnificent landscape. You can stay out on the ice and catch as many fish as you want. At night we can set traps – and check them before breakfast. Granted, Børgefjell has almost no facilities, and we’ll be lucky if we have access to a cabin, but there is certain to be lakes with good fishing within short hikes.



Per person

Participants Minimum 4 persons

Duration 3 hours to 5 days

Season February – May

Weather Safety being paramount, we always take the weather and snow conditions into consideration. As a result, our destination and route may be changed at short notice.

Where to meet To be agreed before departure.

Important information

Our winter excursions are arranged on request for groups of at least four people.

Please note that, for our longer ski treks in the Børgefjell mountains or the Lomsdal-Visten National Park, participants must be in good shape and be fairly experienced cross-country skiers. We instruct you in the use of map and compass, and offer good route suggestions and essential guidelines for how to stay safe in the snowy mountains.

Choosing when to go

Please contact us for a chat; together we’ll find a suitable date.


You must bring your own skis and equipment, proper winter clothing, personal equipment, a backpack and thermos. We can lend you a simple pulk (baggage sled) with harness, and we do have some fishing gear available. Your tour guide will bring emergency equipment, but it’s always a good idea to buy your own local map and bring a compass, as well as a GPS if you have one.

Your fishing license must be purchased at and be brought along. We strongly recommend appropriate travel/cancellation insurance. If you wish, we can help book accommodation for the nights preceding or following your excursion.

For our longer treks, we will send you a detailed list of what to bring.