The Mosjøen Zipline

Soar down the spectacular 700-metre zip-line!

For an incredible adrenaline rush, soar down Mosjøen’s Zip-Line. This awesome airborne ride carries you across the Vefsna river, landing you safely in the gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel.

Fly from a perch 70 metres up Storfjellet, savouring a bird’s eye view of the historic Sjøgata street and the town’s environs, and soar over the Vefsna river before landing safely in the beautiful gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel, the oldest hotel in northern Norway. Before takeoff, we secure your body harness to the strong wire. An automatic braking system ensures a safe airborne adventure! Before your flight, we climb the stone steps of the Sherpa Path, built by skilled Sherpas from Nepal. One of our guides is always on hand – for both your take-off and landing.


790 for adults /

500 for children (10–13 years)

Minimum 30 kg/maximum 110 kg

Group rates on request (min. 10 persons).

Participants 10–100 persons

Duration approx. 1 hour

Season April–December

Weather The zip-line will be closed during heavy winds, and thunder and lightning.

Note: During the peak season, your drop-in adventure will take about one hour. For large groups, the zip-line experience may take slightly longer.

Where to meet Meet at the landing platform in the gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen town centre. We arrange transport to the island. A ten-minute climb up the Sherpa Path takes us to the start of the zip-line.



Important information

Minimum age: 10 years
Min. weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
Max. weight 110 kg (242 lbs)

Participants are not allowed to consume alcohol prior to or during this activity. Regrettably, the zip-line adventure is not suitable for pregnant women, people suffering from back problems, or anyone with a heart ailment.


We provide all equipment. For the Sherpa Path, you need proper footwear; sandals or loose footwear are not allowed on the zip-line. All loose items must be put in zipped pockets or a small backpack. If you wish to use a camera, it must be secured to your body or harness with a strap.

We provide a body harness, helmet, a neck gaiter to secure long hair, and a small backpack for your personal items.