Rafting on the Vefsna river

Through our partner RiverNorth, we offer exciting rafting trips on the eastern branch of the Vefsna river. Alternating between tranquil stretches and exhilarating rapids through gorges, this river is perfect for rafting. Join us for a journey through a pristine wilderness seen only by adventurous rafters!

Family rafting

The best experiences are shared adventures – and rafting is an adventure that everyone can enjoy. On a family rafting trip, there will be time for swimming and play and, of course, for rafting down the river. The trip we suggest takes three hours, from when we meet up at Grane Bygdetun until you’ve switched back into dry clothes at journey’s end. We have equipment for children as young as six years old. You need only bring spare dry clothing, a towel, warm woollen garments to wear under your wetsuits, and perhaps wool socks. The stretch of river we use for family rafting is rated as easy/moderate. The age limit is 6 years

Full-day rafting trip

On this all-day rafting adventure, we’ll cover an almost 20-km long stretch of river between Stillelva and Grane Bygdetun. Our journey takes us through tranquil waters, as well as raging rapids that flow through gorges that are accessible only by rafting or kayaking. The pace allows you to really savour the river and its surrounding wilderness. After passing through Kløvimojuvet gorge – popularly called “Ragnarök” by rafters – we’ll pause, pull our rafts onto the river bank, and enjoy a hot lunch. As we make our way down the river, you will also have the opportunity to go swimming in calm waters or exciting rapids, and to dive from a cliff. The age limit is 16 years.

Half-day rafting trip

Which section of the river we take will depend on the water flow, but be assured that each section of the eastern branch of the Vefsna river has its own unique character! If the water level is exceptionally high, we’ll head for Svenningelva, which is great for rafting when the water is really flowing. This trip is suitable for people who have never gone rafting before, as well as for those who are eager to repeat the adventure.

Your guide chooses the specific trip to suit the group and river conditions. Likewise the crew of each raft and the position of its crew-members are chosen to maximise the experience for everyone. The age limit is 14 years.



Per person.

Participants 4–24 persons

Duration 3–6 hours

Season June – September

Weather  This excursion is rarely limited by the weather.

Where to meet Grane Bygdetun in Trofors

Where to meet

Grane Bygdetun, Trofors

Important information

Before we start our rafting trip, your guides will review vital safety instructions and the optimal paddling techniques for different situations. Rafting is a team activity, and we have to work together to navigate correctly on the river. Your guides are certified professionals with extensive experience, and they have challenged rivers throughout the world; every one of them is well-versed in rescue techniques and first aid. The eastern branch of the Vefsna river is rated as moderately difficult.

Please remove your watch and all jewellery, and also your glasses, before we commence our rafting trip. We cannot take responsibility for any valuables lost on this trip.

Please bring the following:

  • Swimsuit or shorts to wear under your wetsuit
  • Woollen underwear or other thermal underwear, in case of cold weather
  • A towel, and a dry set of clothes to wear after the rafting trip
    (a changing room is available but no showers)

NB! You must notify your guides/instructors and us if you have any injuries or illnesses that may impact you in any way on this rafting trip. Examples of this include asthma, epilepsy, back ailments, shoulder or knee injuries, etc.


We will provide you with the following equipment:

  • Wetsuit or wetsuit jacket
  • Windproof jacket if the weather is cold
  • Neoprene shoes
  • Life vest
  • Helmet
  • Paddle