The Mosjøen area is a paradise for all types of skiing, whether you prefer cross-country, guided group summit hikes or off-piste downhill. We can take you on great day trips or long wilderness treks into the national parks. Let us know your preferences, skills, and how much time you wish to spend exploring our winter paradise! Here are some tempting options.


With a base in Mosjøen, you can ski the coastal mountains or head for snow-covered inland peaks close to the Swedish border. Within an hour’s drive of the town centre, is a wealth of skiing options, from an evening jaunt to a full-day excursion that climbs to 1600 m. The area around Røssvatn lake is a skier’s paradise with several tempting peaks that invariably offer great snow conditions. Best of all, it’s uncrowded enough so you can find virgin powder. Parking is available quite near the mountains, and most of the peaks are readily accessible.

As we approach spring, impressive peaks such as Lukttinden and the Tomskjevelen offer slopes steep enough to challenge even the most experienced.

We offer guided tours with expert guides who know our area like the back of their hands. Please contact us for details. Prices are from nok 1000 per person.

Mountain skiing camp on Røssvatn lake

Every year we arrange a weekend ski trip to Røssvatn, with camping near the lake. The area is a paradise for skiers, and is suitable for young and old, beginners and experienced cross-country. This weekend we’ll learn about avalanches and mountain safety, how to choose good routes, selection and packing of equipment, how to use map and compass, use of avalanche probe and transceiver, and much more! Depending on the weather and snow conditions, we may choose a peak to ascend. This should be a social and educational weekend, and we hope lots of people show up. We’ll provide food and accommodation with showers – bring your own equipment and enthusiasm. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar. If you wish, we can also arrange a special weekend just for you and your friends.

Okstindbreen glacier and Rabothytta cabin

Rabothytta cabin is perched at 1200 metres altitude, near the edge of the Okstindbreen glacier and its majestic peaks. Our hike up there starts a short drive from the town of Mosjøen. Whether you opt for a brief visit or an overnight stay, this is a very rewarding adventure! Our ski route climbs steadily – which means you can look forward to some great downhill skiing on the return journey!

If you yearn to reach some of the peaks above the glacier, we recommend using randonnée skis. You can also opt for a ski trip on the glacier itself, without struggling up any of the summits. Rabothytta cabin is widely considering the most impressive, and one of the most beautifully situated, of those owned by the Norwegian Mountain Trekking Association (DNT)! We strongly recommend an overnight stay, and taking time to explore the surroundings. Naturally the destination is also worthwhile in the summer – to the cabin and up to the glacier’s edge on foot.

Trek across Børgefjellet – or pitch a fishing camp

Børgefjell National Park is rugged and magnificent, and it occasionally has fickle weather! We invite you to join us on a ski trek from lake to lake across the park. We’ll keep the daily distances short so we can set up camp and have plenty of time to catch fish for dinner. Alternatively, we’ll stay in a cabin and make day trips to fish the nearby lakes. Would you like to learn how to navigate the wilderness with map and compass, enjoy the rugged life of camping and the unforgettable majestic scenery, and experience the amazing starry sky far from the city lights? We can guarantee tranquillity, rewarding fishing, days away from the cities’ hustle and bustle – and blessedly poor mobile phone coverage (we suggest you turn it off). This is an adventure you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Lomsdal-Visten National Park

You rarely meet other hikers in this national park, one of Norway’s largest true wilderness areas – the tranquillity is just as striking as the magnificent pristine scenery. The wilderness that borders the national park itself starts just outside the town of Mosjøen. We offer travellers day trips as well as extended treks with overnight stays in the wilderness. You will find beautiful valleys and many lakes teeming with fish. There are only a few cabins in the area, so be prepared to camp out in a tent.