Winter in Helgeland

Helgeland offers an amazingly varied landscape. Just outside the town of Mosjøen is our winter base camp, Sjåmoen. Here you can frolic in the snow, go cross-country skiing on prepared trails, head for popular slopes, opt for back-country mountain skiing, or go dog-sledding or snowmobiling. Friendly Mosjøen also has much to offer; the heart of town is Sjøgata, a picturesque street lined with well-preserved 19th-century wooden houses. Here are cosy cafés and good restaurants – and there are so many to choose from.

Starting this year, Naturlige Helgeland offers snowmobile safaris! The region has hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, through scenic valleys and forests, across open expanses, and across impressive mountains. We invite you to drive your own snowmobile; it’s a great way to feel close to the surrounding landscape. It’s exciting to zip through the varied terrain but, in our opinion, speed is not the most important thing. Our snowmobiles enable us to cover ground and to reach more outlying destinations. Moreover, they’ll give us time to enjoy lunch prepared over a campfire – a lunch of tasty local ingredients.

Yet another option, and far more exotic, is to go dog-sledding. Imagine driving your own team of eager Alaska Huskies! Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Soon you settle into a rhythm where you really feel at one with the surrounding scenery.

So you see, our package of suggested winter adventures is amazingly varied. Importantly, you will also have plenty of down-time at day’s end, for good conversation and relaxation with family or friends. The apartments at Mosjøen Camping are comfortable, modern, and fully equipped for self-catering. You might also be pleased to hear that there is a swimming pool right here, bowling nearby, and that you are just a stroll away from everything that the town of Mosjøen has to offer.


  • Two nights accommodation in a modern apartment with private bathroom at Mosjøen Camping
  • A full-day snowmobile safari
  • A half-day of dog-​​sledding
  • Local transport to and from Sjåmoen

Price: from nok 5250 per person      (minimum four people)

Discount: nok 500 per person when two people share a snowmobile.

Optional extras: Accommodation and meals at one of the hotels in Mosjøen.


To book our Winter Adventure Package, please send us an email or call us at +47 989 01 249.